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Literally Tom means to boil and Yum refers to a Thai spicy and sour salad because it uses the same ingredients in the salad.  Tom Yum is probably the most well-known Thai soup.  The dish above is our Tom Yum Goong Sen Mee.

Vietnamese Pho 

Shoyu Udon is a Japanese cuisine served hot in its’ simplest form with dashi, soy sauce and mirin.  Toppings various from region to region usually darker broth in eastern Japan and lighter broth in the western side.  The dish above is our not so simple Shoyu Udon.

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Also known as Kuy Teav or Kuai Tiao, Hu Tieu and its’ variations are eaten in Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.  The base of the broth is pork with various topping of meats and seafood.  The dish above is our

Hu Tieu.

"Specialty Noodles

That's what we do"